Delphi For Fun Newsletter #14




Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Delphi For Fun Newsletter #14


The "Great Blizzard of '01"  has been a flop, at least on our mountain.  But it was 12 degrees (F) this morning with the wind blowing 40+ mph.  I spent most of the day writing a Wind-Chill program just for the fun of it.  (the answer was -33 degrees ... I stayed in).  I may post it sometime since, as usual, I learned something interesting in the process.  The link to the U.S. weather service Wind-chill formula is  in Question 3 at the FAQ page  in case anyone else is interested.

Here are the "What's New" excerpts since last time.


March 6, 2001: The Programs subweb keeps growing.  As a result, things keep getting harder to find, even for me - and I put them there.  I added a search button to the bottom of the left side index panel today just to see how it works.  I already see that it doesn't search subwebs (like Delphi Topics and Math Topics), but it's a start.         

March 5, 2001:  MAZE, a maze generator program is available!  The program chooses the path through a maze.  You control the size, shape, colors, and complexity of the maze.  Generated mazes can be solved on  screen, saved to disk, or printed.  This is one of the more complex programs posted so far, mainly because there are lots of functions.  But examined one at a time, you can probably work your way through it and learn some coding techniques.   I believe this is the first program here that uses Delphi's printer and filestream controls.        

March 1, 2001:  Raising a number to an integer power?  IntPower Demo is not really a puzzle,  it just compares timing of four ways to do it: brute force, recursion, powers of 2, and Delphi's built-in IntPower function.  I've added  download links at the bottom of the  Timing and Recursion  pages if you're interested.    

February 26, 2001:  Perfect, Amicable, and Sociable numbers are the subject of today's program , AliquotSums.  And you'll learn a new word as a bonus.  

February 21, 2001:  Another addition to the Delphi Techniques section.  I posted today an integer list counterpart to Delphi's TStringList, a useful string list component.    I could have used TIntList in many previous programs but really needed it for the current project, (perfect, amicable and social numbers).    Go here to check out the new TIntList class.   

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