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Problem Description

This program creates the "perfect" bookmark in a variety of sizes.

Background & Techniques

I admit to being a "bathroom reader" which means finding where I left off reading many times in the course of completing a book.  A few weeks ago, in one of those rare "Eureka" moments, I designed a bookmark which will locate the exact line where you stopped reading on either the top on bottom half of either left even or the odd page.  It looks like this:

The exact starting line when you resume reading is indicated by placing the bookmark arrows in one of these four orientations:

The program creates bookmarks in a variety of standard or user specified sizes and you may insert images and caption text to customize them.  They make great gifts!.

Use the link below to download the program.  The source code for this program is not being released at this time. 

Addendum April 4, 2009:  One of my long time viewers thought that while the design might be "perfect", the implementation could use some enhancements.  I had to agree with most of his suggestions.  Today's update to Version 4 has these changes:

bulletImages are now automatically resized to fit available space when they are loaded. 
bulletImage movement  and zooming is constrained to stay within the upper or lower image area.
bulletFonts may be set individually set for the instruction display and for the upper and lower captions.
bulletThe check boxes to specify which captions you want to work on has been replaced by a radio group with options to select "Upper", "Lower", or "Both".  When the option changes, if the text of  either newly included does not match the caption edit area, you are asked to verify that you want to replace the caption text.


Running/Exploring the Program 

bullet Download  executable
bulletDownload source code


Original Date: March 19, 2009

Modified: May 15, 2018


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