The original logo, KidWithBlocks shown below,  was maybe too cutesy.   A text-only logo is probably too plain.  So, I'm giving viewers a chance to win a free  Standard Academic Delphi if you submit the new winning logo.  Check the bottom of the page for complete rules.     

You can also vote for your favorite below.  Of course, remember that I'll be writing the vote counting program - in Delphi - so stuffing the ballot box is not likely to work.   Let's see, lots of votes for the same logo in a short period of time should only count as one vote......      


       The original


First entry -  from Tracy in New Zealand.   I like it better   already.





    Another entry -  from  Niels in Germany.  Columns are kind of Delphic.



     An entry from Rachel, Tracy's sister.  A talented family I'd say!


     First of 3 entries from Robert, age 18, from "sunny South Africa" he says.

     Robert's 2nd entry

     And the 3rd - 






Let's not get too serious about it.   All viewers eligible - no age limit.   I can't legally give academic software outside of USA or  to a non-student/non-teacher, so if we have one of those  I'll make the prize $25 cash.  If a student winner prefers the cash, that will be OK too.  Contest will run until we get  a reasonable number of entries.    Logo area probably shouldn't exceed 150X180 pixels.  Attach JPG, BMP, or GIF image to an email to    If I missed anything obvious, let me know.