Delphi For Fun Newsletter #1


Sunday, Sept.17, 2000
We've had 350+ hits in the first 2 weeks of operation.  If they all became programmers, we could meet the demand.  Well, probably not.  A 1998 Virginia Tech study projected that the demand for Information Technology workers will grow by 137,000 per year through 2006.  That's 350+ per day!  They also estimated 347,000 unfilled jobs in 1998, a number which probably has not declined even though many foreign workers are being hired to meet the demand.      
Many potential future computer professionals are probably being frustrated by the Advanced Placement approach being taken in our schools today.  Or at least not being turned on.  That's what DelphiForFun is all about.  Help spread the word.
Since the site opened, a couple  of programs have been posted - a Roman Numeral Converter last week and a RoboTracker robot simulator today.  The simplest version of the robot program contains only 30 lines of user written code!  That's because Delphi's RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment generates all of the necessary code when you click on a button, shape, memo, or whatever and and click again on the program window where  you want that component to appear.  Classical beginner's programs like "Hello World" do not contain a single line of user written code! 
The "Great DFF Logo Free Delphi Giveaway Contest" started this week.  Besides my original logo, there's only one entry so far - from Tracy - a sharp young programmer whose  Dad runs a  Delphi website .  Yes, Tracy, I saw that link you talked Dad into putting on his page to encourage people to vote for your logo :>).   Just kidding, thanks for the link.   We do need more entries though, otherwise I might as well concede now. 
I've removed the Discussion link entirely from the site for now.  Haven't found the right tool yet.  Use email for feedback and I'll post anything pertinent.  
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And remember:    "God gives every bird his worm, but He doesn't necessarily throw it into the nest."    (P. D. James, British mystery writer)
Gary Darby