Delphi For Fun Newsletter #5



Monday, Oct 23, 2000
Three programs this week, and not much other news. 
Cannon is an animated graphics program that lets you shoot a cannonball across the screen at a target.    Not very sophisticated, but it does leave plenty of room for enhancement.
Cards2 is a graphics version of the Cards1 program published a few weeks ago.  It displays cards images (front or back) with a routine to turn them over.   A TDeck object handles the details of drawing the cards.  In addition to the "Shuffle" and "Deal" routines from Cards1, I've added  drag capability to let the user move cards around the screen.  Should be a good basis for card game programs.
Most All 3  is a program that will convince you that almost every integer contains at least one "3".  Maybe it's obvious, maybe not.
That's it - as a mentor once told me: "When you've said what you came to say, shut up."
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Gary Darby
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." -- Thomas Edison